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5 Reasons To Ride the San Diego Ferry

a row of wooden benches sitting on top of a sandy beach

Whether you’re visiting San Diego for the first time or you’ve been countless times, taking the San Diego Ferry is the ideal way to learn about this beautiful coastal southern California city. The ferry, however, that runs across the bay to Coronado Island allows you to enjoy a variety of advantages. You could be local without the time or traveling from afar. In either case, the fantastic waterfront views are reason enough to opt for this mode of transportation.

1. Easy & Reliable Transportation

From the San Diego side, you can choose between two routes to Coronado; both end up at Coronado Landing. These routes begin at Broadway Pier and the San Diego Convention Center. The ferry leaving Broadway Pier landing departs once every hour. It takes about 15 minutes to travel across the bay to Coronado. For a shorter trip, you can take the other ferry leaving from the landing at the Convention Center. This ferry leaves every 30 minutes and is a shorter commute, traveling across in only about eight to 10 minutes. Taking either ferry is a much easier and more convenient way to get to Coronado than driving.

For one thing, there’s no need to worry about finding a parking space! Additionally, if you have a bicycle or Segway, you can bring it aboard. It’s also great because you know exactly when you can expect to ship out for your adventure. 

2. Affordable

The ferries are affordable for spending only a couple of hours or an entire day. It only costs $7 to take the ferry each way. Take your little ones, aged three and younger, for free. If you plan to ride the ferry multiple times, the Go City – San Diego pass offers savings on ferry rides (and much more). Commuters (residents only) ride free during the hours of 5:40 am and 8:50 am and receive a free return ticket for later in the day. 

a boat is docked next to a body of water

3. Reliable

You will be at the Coronado Ferry Landing when you get to Coronado. This is also the landing you will depart when you’re ready to return to San Diego. You can be sure the ferry will be there waiting for you all day and night. You can count on the ferry San Diego running on time, whatever your plans. 

4. Incredible Views

The Coronado Ferry offers scenic views of the beautiful waterfront as you cross San Diego Bay. You will take in all the natural beauty of the blue ocean, fascinating marine wildlife, and the incredible San Diego skyline. You must also experience the colorful sunset from the bay.

a large body of water with a city in the background

5. Explore Everything on Coronado & San Diego Side

The Coronado Ferry provides excellent views and has a history; it is the oldest wooden ferry in the United States that is still in use. Be sure to take your camera, as you will see some fantastic views from the ferry, and you’re sure to experience fun adventures throughout the day. Coronado offers many recreational activities, including biking and hiking along a 16-mile path and a beautiful shoreline. However, the Coronado Ferry Landing has enjoyable activities for a relaxing day out. Take some time to check out the restaurants’ delicious local seafood. On the landing, you can shop for souvenirs at various boutiques and other shops. 

Plan your visit today to ride the Coronado San Diego Ferry. It’s an experience that you will indeed look forward to repeating. After all, you’ll find that this little area of the world has far too much to do and see in just one day!