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5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

a group of people sitting at a table eating food

When you’re a kid, going out to eat is just fun because you get to try foods you usually don’t eat. For the parents, going out to eat is quality time to engage happily with the kids. Delicious foods come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to the best kid-friendly restaurants in San Diego, the menu is rich.

1. Farmer & The Seahorse (La Jolla)

One of the most fantastic kid-friendly restaurants in San Diego is Farmer & The Seahorse (La Jolla), which features incredible food and a huge area where the kids can play. Featured lawn games include corn hole, hula hoops, and frisbee, and while the kids are playing after their meal, the grown-ups can relax by sipping their lattes or cocktails.

Chef Brian Malarkey promises a joyful culinary experience, whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From the build-your-own breakfast burritos to the city’s best lobster rolls, from the excellent wine list to the kids’ menu that includes waffles with whipped cream and yummy BLTs, Farmer & The Seahorse is La Jolla’s best-kept secret – but not for long.

2. Campfire (Carlsbad)

Campfire celebrates the ancient goodness of friends and family gathering around a fire to eat good food. Featuring both indoor and al fresco dining, this sublime eatery aims to return to the origins of cooking and hospitality – for you and the kids.

Reservations are strongly recommended for Campfire, but they also keep tables open for walk-ins. One of the benefits of making reservations is that you can discuss kids’ menu options. The menu you’ll find online has incredible options, from kindling (appetizers) to the main courses. The playful (and uber-kid-friendly) dessert menu features s’mores and soft-serve ice cream.

3. Corvette Diner (Point Loma)

One of the coolest and best restaurants in San Diego, kid-friendly or otherwise, is The Corvette Diner. With its throwback 1950s atmosphere, complete with waitstaff dressed like they’re right out of the nifty fifties. If you like rock and roll, burgers, shakes, and sassy waitresses, this is the place for you.

Indeed, the kids have probably never seen the poodle skirts and bouffant hair-dos, and the whole family will enjoy ordering the delicious offerings from the pun-themed menu. The menu has something for everyone:

  • The hula hoop onion rings
  • The pickle me up at six
  • The Dee (classic cheeseburger)

You can wash it all down with classic hand-made malts and shakes.

4. Harumama Noodles + Buns (La Jolla, Carlsbad, Little Italy)

San Diego’s Little Italy is a neighborhood whose identity is wrapped around food and family. However, you won’t just find Italian restaurants in this warm, welcoming part of town. Harumama Noodles + Buns invites you to feast on Asian cuisines, like fried rice and edamame. The kids will also love the buns (sweet and savory) and how they are named and made to resemble little animal faces, like bunnies and puppies.

5. The Crack Shack

One of San Diego’s most popular kid-friendly restaurants, this is the place for fried chicken “on an otherworldly level .”It’s a place for classic comfort food made with love and creativity. There are tons of sauces and sides. Featuring a massive space for roaming, the kids can run around or play bocce after they eat their nuggets.

Dining out together is one of the most wholesome activities families can engage in because it promotes family bonding. In San Diego County, you have about 7,000 incredible restaurants. Most establishments post their menus online so that you can pick the ones that you and your kids will like the best. If you are heading to San Diego, check out your sailing charter options because you can also enjoy a fine meal while sailing around San Diego Bay.