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Archive: Mar 2019

Blue Whale Vs. Gray Whale- What’s the Difference?

Whales are extremely impressive marine mammals with many characteristics that make them unique amongst others. For more reasons than one, whales leave us in awe, being a part of one the oldest and largest species on this planet. Within this species are the Gray Whale and…

10 Interesting Facts About Gray Whales

– The Gray Whale is a miraculous creature. In addition to their enormous size, the Gray Whale has an abundance of traits that distinguish it from the rest of the Whale population. Below are ten facts about Gray Whales that will make you admire them even…

Guide to Blue Whales

Until 2005, only gray whales would spend time along the American west coast; but now, we are fortunate enough to experience gray whales in the winter and blue whales in the summer. Blue whales, though rather scarce today, were abundant in all oceans until the 1900s….