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Archive: Sep 2013

USA team won’t give up the ‘cup’

On yet another day of wind delays and “one race only” conditions, the ‘Oracle Team USA’ defenders kept the battle alive for yet another chance to catch up and retain the America’s Cup. Viewers around the world are becoming more and more stunned that the US team is reeling in that 7 race deficit to…

Wave that flag…America!

Oracle Team USA on San Francisco Bay

Oracle Team USA on San Francisco Bay

Wave that flag America…….the USA team are hanging in there….another victory today in very mixed conditions with a lot of lady luck thrown in. Our ‘America’ yacht was on the course edge…

Tickets on ‘America’ for September 18

AMERICA is selling tickets to “tomorrow’s” thrilling America’s Cup clash. Races postponed today mean that a RARE opportunity is available for the ‘public’ to watch Wednesday 18’s postponed AC racing. Will the Kiwi’s take the ‘cup’ tomorrow…….or will the USA make them sweat a little longer. This could well be the most exciting racing of…