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Archive: Feb 2012

February 25 – four north bound grey whales greet us on their way home to Alaska before a great some sailing back to our home of San Diego Bay

whale watching san diego

February 24 – After a few hundred dolphins our guests were treated to our first north bound calf with its mother

whale watching

February 23 – Two fin whales gave our guests a great show and the weather blessed us with a nice sail back into San Diego Bay.

whale watching san diego Lonnie Kaufman shares with us this great view of of one of the fin whales seen today

February 22 = North bound grey whales in full swing now and growing numbers of fin whales also. Weather and seas are perfect.

whale watching san diego A Fin Whale captured by our guest today John Sammis

February 21 – A perfect day. A pod of six north bound greys, then 1,000 dolphins led us back to San Diego as sailed home at over 11 knots.

whale watching san diego

February 19/20 – It’s been a two day extravaganza with fin whales, northbound and sound bound grey whales, Risso dolphins, bottle nose dolphins and 1,000’s of common dolphins

February 17 – Today we were rewarded with a pair of north bound Grey Whales on a beautiful ocean

whale watching san diego Charles Culp, a guest on board today shares this great close-up of this Grey Whale