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An awesome day sailing on America’s Cup yachts in San Diego

Wow! What an awesome day Saturday 7th was!  The summer weather was absolutely perfect for racing around San Diego Bay on America’s Cup yachts “Stars & Stripes” and “Abracadabra”. Both yachts were on the bay with near maximum guest capacity, pitching in to help with the racing while watching the Navy also in action during the afternoon.  The entire weekend was beautiful. On Sunday “Stars & Stripes” was out again with a full load of novice sailors. With these 2.5 hour trips starting at 2:30 pm, it’s the perfect time to have a long morning, lunch at the waterfront, a visit to the Maritime Museum of San Diego after lunch and then still plenty of daylight left to finish that museum visit and get to dinner. Remember, the museum visit is a free part of every ticket to sail with us. It’s a great bonus as the museum has a bunch to see. Here are a few photos.

British Airways logo on America's Cup yachts

British Airways logo on America's Cup yachts in San Diego

When you see our yachts lately they have the British Airways logos on the sails. This is a promotion that they did with us to market their recent direct flights from San Diego to London. They started flights on June 1st. It’s quite a treat if you are a traveler to Europe to go so far non-stop on a great flight like this.


Stars & Stripes + Navy ship

On San Diego bay on Saturday August 6th guests on America's Cup yacht Stars & Stripes watch navy ships passing

San Diego's America's Cup yacht the "Abracadabra" painted by Wyland

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