Awesome Whale Watching in San Diego!

What spectacular weather we had yesterday and in store for the ensuing week as we count down to a perfect 75 degree Christmas Day. The America was cruising nicely on the way back in from our San Diego whale watching trip even though the wind was a little light. Yesterday we saw several gray whales very close to shore.  First a single, then a pair.  Brandon the skipper is really good at spotting them and maneuvering the boat to be on the good side for photos.  As we headed in, we passed a group of 5 to 6 whales but did not spend any time with them.  Passengers were thrilled, nice trip. We had about 37 guests on board, most of whom took some time to visit the Maritime Museum of San Diego (our home dock) prior to the sail. The super clear sky made it easy to spot whales and dolphins from quite a distance. Between a Fin Whale sighting, several Gray Whales and a slew of Dolphins it was a really lovely day. 

Sailing in from San Diego ocean on yacht America

Yacht America coming back to shore after San Diego Whale Watching trip

We’ve only been running a few days since going back into the water following a haul-out for our 2 year Coast Guard inspection. We painted the bottom while she was out and of course that always makes the yacht America sail faster than ever.

If the yacht America doesn’t already look big enough, you should see her when she is out of the water. She is huge. Once you see underneath and size up the large 11 Ft deep keel, you get to understand why this yacht is so comfortable to sail out on the ocean because the keel stops the yacht from rolling side to side and hence there is a lot less motion to make folks feel uncomfortable.

Yacht America on cradle at boat yard

Yacht 'America' San Diego hauled out and ready for new bottom paint