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San Diego Whale Watching: January 5, 2019

Most days in San Diego are sunny and the ocean is calm. Today, unfortunately, was not a typical San Diego day. Captain Troy ventured to Point Loma to determine the state of the seas. The swells were large and confused. He chose turn around and stay in the bay to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone aboard.

Although whales were not spotted, it was not for lack of trying.

The Yacht America sailed past the Naval Submarine Base in San Diego. Have you seen it? We often observe submarines in the water and in dry dock. Do you notice how much larger the submarine looks when it is out of the water?

We like to make sure people consider this difference when looking at whales. We only see the back of the whale, and typically this only represents 1/3 of the whale’s size. If you were to take a whale out of the water, it is incredibly massive.

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