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measure a little over 4 ft, with a wingspan of 6.5 ft.


8 lbs


12,000 individuals


Where do California Brown Pelicans live? In coastal marine environments on the Pacific Coast.


The California Brown Pelican has dark short legs, broad wings, brown, heavy bodies, and large bills. Males are slightly larger than females. With webbing between all four of their toes, they are strong swimmers, but awkward walkers. When their breeding season approaches, their appearance begins to change. The end of their bill becomes a reddish color, with their throat pouch becoming a brighter red. Their iris goes from white to light blue, and a white stripe runs down on the pouch side of their neck. Once incubation begins, the colors begin to fade and you will see the yellow feathers on their head turn white. They are aquatic birds and are found in multiple places, such as beaches, open sea, harbors, and marinas. California brown pelicans nest on the ground, native shrubs, or trees. Although brown pelicans are the only birds that can plunge dive, California brown pelicans stay near the shore and hunt for their food within five miles of land. Or, they will choose to sit on the surface of the water and scavenge.