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Quick Details

Check in starts: 3:00 PM
Check in ends: 3:15 PM
Boarding starts: 3:15 PM
Departure time: 3:30 PM
Disembark time: 7:30 PM

Adult Ages 21+

Get Spooky on the Sea!

Gone Whale Watching and Next Level Sailing have joined forces to bring you an extra spooky sunset whale watching adventure in San Diego. Set sail aboard yacht America on Saturday, October 30th in search of sea creatures of the deep. Who knows, Black Beard may even show his face this Halloween. Enter the costume contest to win Gone Whale Watching tickets. Bring your ghoulish friends (adults 21+) and enchanting costumes for the best place to be this weekend.


This fabulous photo was taken by wildlife photographer Christopher Faist. See more of his work at

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