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Where the Whales Are

Historical Gray Whale Migration off our Coast!

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The 2015 Whale Watching Season is off to a Record Breaking Start! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!     Stats as of January 8, 2015: AMERICAN CETACEAN SOCIETY- LOS ANGELES CHAPTER

>    Southbound today  ——–   21 >    Northbound today   ——-   0 >    Total Whales today …

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Looking for photos from your trip?

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Photos from each whale watching trip will be uploaded here:

Gray whale tail fluke- December 23, 2014.     

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Whales are Here!

BlogWhere the Whales Are

        Gray whales have arrived!

Gray whales are in numbers off our coast already! Our first whale watching trip of the season was on December 9th, and we were greeted to a cow/calf pair of gray whales. What a way to start the season! Last year was a record…

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Peak Whale Watching Season is Here!

BlogWhere the Whales Are

The gray whales are in large numbers off our coast! OUR 2014/2015 WHALE WATCHING SEASON IS ON!

 Check out our statistics from previous seasons below!

 Next Level Sailing has never made it so easy for you to see these…

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Daily Captain’s Log for the Blue Whale trips

BlogWhere the Whales Are

The Blue Whales Have Arrived!!  This log started on Friday, June 27 – 6 blue whales were seen today feeding off the San Diego coast, including a cow/calf pair. Summer whale watching on yacht America is in full gear! We have been seeing blue whales and large pods of dolphins on our first few trips this summer!…

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Year-Round Whale Watching on Yacht America

New and Upcoming EventsWhere the Whales Are

 The Best Grey Whale Watching Excursions in San Diego!

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Reality Television on yacht ‘America’

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As if sailing on the famous yacht ‘America’ and seeing some playful Gray Whales isn’t enough excitement in one day, guests on yacht ‘America’ on March 8 had the opportunity to witness and even participate in the filming of a segment of a reality TV show. For the producers and TV crew the weather could…

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Whale watching on yacht America

BlogWhere the Whales Are

Although every day out on the yacht ‘America’ in San Diego is a great day, some days are just better than others. If you were on a San Diego yacht charter and saw these whales playing beside the yacht America a few days ago, you’d never forget this sailing experience. I won’t waste any more…

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You never get tired of seeing the Whales from yacht ‘America’

BlogWhere the Whales Are

As the winter Grey Whale watching season approaches on our yacht ‘America’, it’s hard not to forget the wonderful season of 2012/13 and particularly that fantastic January day when we saw what we can only describe as a “megapod’ of Grey Whales. Typically you would refrain from using that word ‘megapod’ for anything other than…

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Unbelievable! 8 races each for the America’s Cup

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The scoreboard tells the story. Two race wins today and the the team that wouldn’t quit has come from 7 races behind to tie it up at 8 races each.

USA – 8
New Zealand – 8

A fantastic come-from-behind win in Race 18 sent the USA into the final…

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