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San Diego Whale Reports

San Diego Whale Watching: December 28, 2018

What a gorgeous day for whale watching! It was sunny and clear, our crew was excited to search for whales. As soon as we got out of the San Diego Bay, we headed south. We found a beautiful gray whale. The wind was just perfect, so we could see a heart shaped blow:

San Diego Whale Watching: December 27th, 2018

Today we saw two gray whales, a mom and an adolescent. The mom had many barnacles on her back, while the adolescent had less barnacles and smoother skin. The adolescent was particularly curious!

San Diego Whale Watching: December 26th, 2018

Have you ever seen a whale, freely swimming in the ocean?   Well, our guests and crew saw a beautiful gray whale today, making its migration south. It was quite a sight. Unfortunately, our crew was unable to take photos during this trip.

San Diego Whale Watching: December 22, 2018

We sailed up north today as we heard reports of a gray whale swimming just off of Mission Bay. When we arrived close to the location where he was last seen, we saw a spout in the distance. Then another spout. This gray whale was traveling south, just like hundreds of other gray whales at…

San Diego Whale Watching: December 21, 2018

As we were sailing out to the open ocean, we were honored to get a close view of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Our crew and passengers waved, yelling “Thank you!” to our brave military members aboard the aircraft carrier. One passenger even said, “if we don’t see a whale, I will still be happy. That…

San Diego Whale Watching: December 20th, 2018

“Is this an ordinary whale watching trip?” asked a crew member. “No, we only provide extraordinary whale watching trips!” exclaimed Captain Troy. Today was no exception. The American Cetacean Society in Los Angeles has had a gray whale census operated by volunteers from a lookout on the Palos Verdes Peninsula since 1984. This year, they did…

San Diego Whale Watching: December 19, 2018

We have now seen whales two days in a row! Yesterday, we saw two humpback whales and today, we saw two gray whales. Sailing aboard Yacht America is the best whale watching in San Diego, especially in the winter. Is it snowing where you live? Come on down and enjoy some fabulous sailing in gorgeous…

San Diego Whale Watching: December 18, 2018

What a great start to whale watching season! The Next Level Sailing crew spotted two southbound humpback whales today. They were migrating at a speed of 4 knots. The water was so clear that passengers could watch the whales as they dove under water. Their white flippers (known as pectoral fins) were especially noticeable through…