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What is the Best Time of Day to Go Whale Watching?

There is nothing better than a day out on the boat. Especially in beautiful San Diego where the weather stays warm into the Autumn months, it’s a necessity to plan as many trips to the water as possible. Whale watching in San Diego, in particular, is the perfect activity for visitors and locals alike. But what time should you whale watch?

According to expert San Diego whale watchers, the answer is anytime! Depending on your preference for morning, afternoon or night, there is no exact science for the best time of day for whale watching. If you’re looking for great lighting for scenic photography, we recommend going out in the early morning. For beautiful blue waters, the afternoon. Of course, sunset for a night cruise. 

When deciding your preference for the time of day you want to go out on the water, there are a couple of things to put into consideration. Something to keep in mind is whether you find yourself getting sea sick and checking out how rough the water is at different times of day. However, our team at Next Level Sailing is so confident in the stability of our sailboat that we will even provide a gift certificate to a local restaurant if you get seasick. Something else to keep in mind when choosing the best time of day for whale watching is the weather so you dress accordingly. Early mornings and nights definitely pick up the wind and can have a chill. However, mid-day can be extremely hot with the sun beating down.

Typically, whale watching in San Diego is at its peak during the winter months. From mid-December to mid-March, you can watch more than 25,000 California gray whales migrate from the freezing waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Baja, California. However, this does not mean that whale watching in San Diego is a bust during the warmer months! The largest creatures on Earth, blue whales, are most commonly found off the coast of San Diego from May through November. Ranging from 90 to over 100 feet and weighing up to 200 tons, blue whales are a sight to see, especially since they are heading towards extinction. Blue whales typically reside farther out at sea, so taking a boat out to go whale watching in San Diego is ideal. Some other whales to look out for are the Pacific Gray Whale, Mighty Fin Whale, Minke Whale and the Humpback Whale. We are so confident in our whale watching tour guides that we even offer a 100 percent guarantee on seeing a whale while out on the water. If you don’t see one, we will take you out again so that you do!